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Meet Rolo.
It's kind of a new idea.

The world of production has changed forever. For all the solutions the hybrid & distributed work models have created. There is an equal share of pain points. Rolo is here to help & to rethink how we collectively discover, organize, & connect with one another.

It's a global movement.

Talent in every timezone.

With over 1,000 artists worldwide, Rolo is an ever-growing network of vetted artists from all across the globe.

1,200+ artists

72 countries

35 languages

5 continents

This is a team effort.

Our favorite artists,
& yours, together.

Seamlessly search our ever-growing network of artist & your private team. All in one place.

Talent recognizes talent.

You're in good company.

Artists on Rolo have worked with many of the largest agencies, brands, & studios from all across the world

Don't just take our word for it.

A single source of truth.

Collaborative tools to help you stay in sync, asynchronously.

Gone are the days of cryptic spreadsheets, ancient bookmarks, & long lost docs.



First impressions matter.

Like Tinder,
but for artists & clients…

From first glance of the artist card, to deep dive in the artist profile, we've got you covered.


Timezones are hard, we make them simple.

At a glance, know where an artist is located, their date, time & how that corresponds to your current location. Easy.

Allow me to show you something…

Collect, organize & share your favorite artists like never before.

Easily curate & create custom list to share internally or externally. It's as simple as that, really.

Lucy Bond just reached out is available. We have her first hold through the end of the month.

Great, we have a tone of incoming work, let's book her for the following 6-weeks.

Lucy absolutely killed it on her booking with us. We're going to offer her a full-time position!

See the forest & the trees.

Finally, a dedicated space for all that delicate info.

From notes, to artist rates & booking history, keep all your teams's important information in one ever-evolving collaborative space.

Checking avails couldn't be easier.

One place to rule reach them all

Say goodbye to endless email threads, texts, and DMs. Instantly check artists’ availability in one place.

  • Unavailable

  • Available

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm a big fan and would love to work together!

  • Availability check sent

  • I'm not currently booked during this time but would need to challenge my first hold.


  • Available

    I'm available and currently taking on art direction and creative direction roles.

  • Availability check sent

  • Unavailable

    I'll sadly be traveling this week. Hopefully we can team up together next time.

  • Available

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